Shadow Self

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Artist: Preston Stone
Card Text Shadow Self deals no damage when fighting. �Damage dealt to non-Specter neighbors is dealt to Shadow Self instead.
Flavor Text
Type Creature
House Shadows
Rarity Common
Sets CotA(310)


I have Shadow Self (CoTA 310) with a Raiding Knight (CoTA 255) as a neighbor. My Raiding Knight is then attacked by a 4 power creature. How much damage does each creature take in this situation?

In this case, the Shadow Self will take 2 damage, the Raiding Knight will take no damage, and the 4 power creature will take 4 damage and be destroyed. This happens because before the damage can be dealt to the Raiding Knight, two of it is prevented by its armor. Then when the damage is actually being dealt, the damage that would be dealt to the Raiding Knight is dealt to the Shadow Self instead. At the same time as the Shadow Self is being dealt damage, the 4 power creature takes 4 damage from the Raiding Knight’s power.