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KeyForge News

September 2020

August 2020

  • Aug 25: 2 Million decks are now registered in the Master Vault
  • Aug 24: Organized Play COVID-19 update: All large scale events canceled for the remainder of 2020, Store level events starting where possible.
  • Aug 1: 10 "Impossible" Print and Play decks released during the FFG Gen Con Dark Tidings Discussion stream

July 2020

  • Jul 29: Dark Tidings, the fifth set, is announced at the Fantasy Flight Games In-Flight Report, and will be released in February 2021.
  • Jul 25: "Crucible Cast Ep. 22: Mass Mutation Scavenger Hunt!" is released.
  • Jul 10: Mass Mutation, the fourth KeyForge set, is released worldwide! The rulebook is also updated with new rules, errata, FAQ, and a modified timing chart. Each Mass Mutation deck registered before July 27th will be worth 10 Æmbershards instead of the usual one.
  • Jul 8: With the Korean release of Mass Mutation, KeyForge is now available in 12 languages.
  • Jul 4: "Crucible Cast Ep. 21: Back To The Studio" is released. Chainbound events can be held again where local social distancing rules allow for it.
  • Jul 2: "KeyForge Mass Mutation Showcase" streamed on FFG Live.

June 2020

  • Jun 6: "Crucible Cast Ep. 20: The Quarantine Continues..." is released

May 2020

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