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KeyForge Adventures (sometimes stylized as Keyforge: Adventure) are a co-operative method of playing KeyForge for 1-3 players, initially announced by Fantasy Flight Games on March 11, 2021.

The adventures replace the opponent with an automated deck that each player must draw from when their opponent would normally take a turn. The cards in this deck contain actions that are performed against the players, creatures for the players to fight, and artifacts that the players must avoid or overcome. In this way, any KeyForge deck can be used when playing against either adventure. However, because each adventure has a unique victory (and loss) condition, players may find the decks that are most effective at winning in this new game mode are not the same as the ones that are that effective in standard KeyForge play.[1]

The first two Adventures, Rise of the Keyraken and Abyssal Conspiracy, expanded upon the themes and mechanics found in Dark Tidings and were initially released as a free, print-and-play product. In July 2022, Ghost Galaxy announced that they will be making these two KeyForge Adventures available as a retail product with additional "Nightmare" cards to increase the difficulty of the Adventure. [2]

On September 16, 2022 Ghost Galaxy announced Fall of the House Gormengeist, the third KeyForge Adventure, that will serve as a preamble to the themes and mechanics of Grim Reminders.

The Rise of the Keyraken

KFA 01.png

Main Article: Rise of the Keyraken

In the first adventure, the Keyraken, a powerful creature that absorbs the psychic power of Æmber and can control the Tide has been released by and Aquan cult. By the time the crew of the SLRS Vortexilon—and your party—find the Keyraken amidst the ruins of the undersea observatory, it has already laid waste to the facility and is beginning its ascent to the surface. Should it make it to the top, who knows what devastation it will rain upon the civilizations that live there![1]

Abyssal Conspiracy

KFA 02.png

Main Article: Abyssal Conspiracy

After defeating the Keyraken, the Archons find that the danger has not yet abated, for their ship is crippled by a mysterious saboteur who escapes before justice can be served! In the second adventure, you must navigate a grid of nine locations as you descend into the ocean’s depths to uncover the conspiracy and find the tool you will need to put an end to its villainy. Exploring the ocean’s depths is a dangerous and uncertain undertaking, and whatever force is attempting to foil the Archons is not waiting around to be stopped. [1]

Fall of the House Gormengeist

KFA 03.png

You and a few fellow Archons have recently been presented with a mysterious invitation, delivered by a strange hooded creature making odd clanking noises.

The strange courier is quickly forgotten after you see the gorgeous invitation. Filigreed and Æmber-lettered, it graciously asks that you attend an event of no small magnificence at an old estate near Diremouth, a distant, mostly forgotten part of the Crucible. It seems suspicious. Yet the invite is strangely alluring, and there is a promise of Æmber...