General Event Types

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Events serve primarily as a way to facilitate a game being played. Clear communication of the event details to all participants is the best way to set expectations appropriately. The first step in designing an event is deciding what type of event it is, based on its intended purpose.

Open Play

Meant to be a very inviting event with minimal structure, these events usually consist of simply a scheduled time and location. The Tournament Organizer arranges for space to play, and players are invited to attend and play at their leisure with opponents of their own choosing. Prizes given away at Open Play events are typically based on the number of games played rather than a player’s overall performance.


A tournament is a structured event in which a Tournament Organizer pairs players against each other for multiple rounds. Some tournaments feature one or more cuts, in which only certain players advance to further rounds. These additional rounds may change to elimination rounds. Tournaments alleviate the chaotic nature of Open Play, but usually require a larger investment of time from players and leaders. The tournament tier and structure should be properly communicated when offering registration and before beginning the first round of play. Prizes are awarded in tournaments based on players’ overall performance.

League Play

League play is a term for a series of individual events which tie together for the purpose of awarding overall prizes. The individual events will be one of the previous types—Open Play or tournaments—and may lead to a culminating event. League play usually requires an additional investment of time from the Tournament Organizer to manage not only the individual events, but also the elements used in tracking overall performance. The details of the league and its individual events should be posted prior to the first individual event.