Essay:List of Keyforge Combos

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What do people like about Keyforge? Is it the art? That you don’t have to build your own deck? Popping freshies? I’d say that all of those points are valid. But I think there’s one aspect that tops them all: it’s the discovery of synergies between cards.

Nothing feels better than discovering a new synergy between two or more cards that create a never-before-seen effect. But not all effects are the same. Some are just cool or interesting interactions between cards, but some are so impactful that they’re worth being called a combo.

But what exactly is a combo? A combo is two or three cards that, when played together, create a big advantage over your opponent that can effectively lead to winning the game. Technically, combos are still synergies, but the effect they create is much bigger than the effect created by an average synergy.

So that’s the general definition of a combo. But there are different types of combos, and every type creates a different kind of advantage.

Some combos help generate a huge amount of Æmber. Others try to lock the opponent into one specific house or out of a specific house completely. There are also combos that exploit the rule of 6. Last but not least, there are combos that win you the game.

I wanted to create a list that will help you find and identify combos more easily on Archon ID cards. But since there’s an almost uncountable amount of combos in the game (and the number is growing bigger and bigger with each set), I wanted to mostly rely on some of the better known combos for this list. Only a handful of the lesser known combos were included.

So let’s begin.

Æmber Generation

Card Advantage

Control Over the Opponent or Board

Forging Keys

Another kind of combos are the Locks, these combos make impossible for the opponent to play any cards.


I hope this list helps you as it helped me to identify combos and what they do. Keep forging!