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A player owns the cards that begin the game in their deck. When a card is played, it enters play under the control of the active player.

A player can take control of an opponent’s card. When this happens, that card is placed in the new controller’s play area. If it is a creature, it is placed on a flank of the new controller’s battleline. If multiple effects that take control of a card are used on the same card, the most recent effect takes precedence.

If a player takes control of a card that belongs to a house not in the new controller’s deck, they can make that house the active house during step 2 of their turn.

If a card that has changed control leaves play for any reason, it moves to its owner’s appropriate out-of-play zone.

If an ability refers to cards that a player “has” in play, it is referring to cards that player controls.

Official rules v1.8 March 2021


If a creature or artifact changes control, it moves to its new controller's play area in whatever state it existed in its previous controller's play area; If the card was ready prior to changing control, it will remain ready in the new controller's play area. Any upgrades or tokens on the card remain on the card after it is moved to the new controller's play area.