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Fantasy Flight Games Organized Play takes many forms and supports multiple games. This document exists to provide a foundation that other, game-specific event regulations can build upon. When another event regulation contradicts this document, the other regulation takes precedence.


  • Fantasy Flight Games = FFG
  • Organized Play = OP
  • Frequently Asked Questions = FAQ

Event Outline

FFG OP designs events and products to create a memorable experience for the intended player community. An Event Outline provides the guidance necessary to run an event that delivers that experience. Each Event Outline has a unique title for identification. Some FFG OP products have more than one Event Outline, offering Tournament Organizers the choice of which to use. An Event Outline includes:

  • Instructions for distribution of the FFG prize product
  • The tier of the event
  • The event’s tournament structure (if it uses one)
  • Requirements for roles to be fulfilled
  • Description of the utilized variant rules (if applicable)


Official events are those which have an Event Outline published by FFG OP. This includes seasonal Open Play Nights, premium seasonal events, store championships, prime championships, grand championships, and more.


Unofficial events are those without an Event Outline. This includes events which are not utilizing an FFG OP product and events that are utilizing a non-championship FFG OP product without an Event Outline. FFG strongly recommends that Tournament Organizers of unofficial events communicate a tournament’s details to participants by utilizing the tournament tiers and structures defined in this document.

Game Rules

The game rules for a particular game include all FFG materials that assist in gameplay. The game rules include all of the following, if they exist or are applicable for the game:

Event Regulations

The event regulations for a specific event include all FFG materials that assist in an event’s planning and execution. This document applies to all FFG events. In addition to this document, event regulations include all of the following, if they exist or apply for the event:

General Event Types

Open Play


League Play

Prize Distribution

Tournament Tiers



Tournament Structures

Basic Tournament Structure

Advanced Tournament Structure


Tournament Round Mechanics

Swiss Round

Elimination Round

Progression Cut


Participant Roles

Role Requirements

Eligible Participants

Leader Roles

Other Roles

Performing Multiple Roles

Unsporting Conduct

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