Unsporting Conduct

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FFG OP exists to create a fair, safe, and inclusive environment for all participants. Unsporting conduct violates one or more of these elements which are critical to the integrity of an event. Intentional or habitual violations of event integrity could result in investigation, pursuant to the FFG Organized Play Participant Suspension Policy. The Head Judge role holds the responsibility of being the final authority on whether unsporting conduct has occurred. Both the Tournament Organizer and the Head Judge are responsible for determining whether the unsporting conduct was severe enough to warrant disqualification of a participant. Unsporting conduct is not limited to occurrences which happen during an event—it can extend to the time before and after the event, as well as digital spaces.

Unsporting behavior includes:

  • Cheating
  • Collusion
  • Bribery
  • Stalling
  • Behaving in a manner which could be interpreted by a reasonable person as bullying, harassment, belligerent, stalking, vulgar, obscene, threatening, or hurtful
  • Knowingly lying to an event leader
  • Encroaching on a participant’s personal privacy or safety
  • Purposely violating other behavior guidelines at a venue
  • Repeatedly refusing to abide by the instructions of an event leader

For more information about unsporting conduct and how best to respond, please see the Fantasy Flight Games Floor Rules.