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16 December 2020 Rulings

  • If Shadow Self's neighbor is hit by Special Delivery and Shadow Self is Destroyed, Shadow Self is not purged.
  • Dexus looks at the position of cards where they are originally played, not the state of the board after Play: abilities resolve.
  • If there is enough Æmber to forge a key including using Æmber on cards like Senator Shrix, then a key must be forged, regardless of whether or not it is in the Forge a Key step.
  • Keyforgery will be getting an errata in the next update.
  • If The Archivist is face down in a player's Archive, it has no effect. "Puts into Archive" is different from "Archive".
  • When resolving bonus icons “an additional time”, do the additional time immediately after resolving that icon. So, in this case, the second order is correct (Æmber, Æmber, Damage, Damage, Capture, Capture).
  • Auto-Encoder resolves immediately after the discard of a card.
  • Master of the Grey will prevent you from resolving bonus icons via abilities like those on Ensign El-Samra, Reclaimed by Nature, or Ultra Gravitron.
  • If you play a Maverick Fandangle with 4 or more Æmber, it enters play ready.
  • Scrivener Favian can resolve capture icons created by Amphora Captura as a steal.
  • After Reckless Rizzo uses their Action: ability, they have a lasting effect that causes them to lose elusive. New instances of the elusive keyword (from Opportunist, for example) will be lost as soon as they are gained.
  • Shadow Self's replacement effect takes the place of step 4 of dealing damage, meaning Shadow Self's Armor will not protect it from redirected damage.
  • The Pale Star is essentially saying “creatures cannot have power other than 1 and armor other than 0”.
  • You can play a card like Explo-rover as an upgrade around Lifeward.
  • Matter Maker will let you play Explo-rover as an upgrade off-house.
  • Duskwitch's Omega does not resolve when cloned by Cyber-Clone
  • Mimicry copying a Shadows card counts as resolving a Shadows card for Dark Harbinger
  • If two restrictions apply to the same card, follow the more restrictive of the two. For example, if you use Creed of Nurture to apply Terrordactyl to Tantadlin, your Tantadlin would still only deal 2 damage when fighting (although it will also gain Terrordactyl’s Before Fight: ability, which deals 4 damage to each of the attacked creature’s neighbors).
  • When Jargogle is destroyed with multiple cards under it, if the active player is the controller of Jargogle, they can look at the cards beneath Jargogle and choose which one to play. If the active player is not the controller of Jargogle, they choose one of the cards under Jargogle at random and put it in its owner’s archives, then all other cards under Jargogle go to their owner’s discard pile(s).
  • The “may” in United Action is allowing you to play cards from other houses, it does not extend to the last sentence. So whether you play cards from another house or not, you cannot use cards for the rest of the turn.
  • Sneklifter’s lasting effect does not specify an ending for its duration, so it will last for the rest of the game or until that artifact leaves play. If you use Sneklifter to take control of Spangler Box then your opponent takes control of Spangler Box, and then you take control of it again, Sneklifter’s lasting effect will make Spangler Box belong to house Shadows again.
  • When a card purged by Spangler Box is moved to your archives by Universal Recycle Bin, Spangler Box loses memory of having purged that card. If Spangler Box is later destroyed, the purged card will remain in whatever zone it is currently in.
  • Hypnobeam’s Play: effect sets up a lasting effect, which is also a constant ability for its duration. When two constant abilities would both take control over a card, the most recent constant ability takes precedence. So, in the case of using Hypnobeam to take control of a creature upgraded withCollar of Subordination, the player of Hypnobeam will retain control of your creature despite Collar of Subordination, until that creature leaves play or your opponent plays another effect to take control of it.
  • If there is 10 or more Æmber total in all players’ pools when you play Crassosaurus, you must capture 10 Æmber onto Crassosaurus.
  • Symon is an Alien, Elf is a misprinted trait.
  • If Ghosthawk is played outside of Step 3, it's neighbors may still reap.
  • Relentless Assault instructs you to resolve the fights one at a time; resolve the first fight before you must decide whether or not do the second fight, and you resolve the second before you must decide whether or not to do the third.
  • The “play or use” text on Mars Ambassador means you have to choose to either play or use that card, not both.
  • Multiple Scowly Capers resolve in the order of the active player's choosing.
  • Helper Bot grants you permission to play one non-Logos card at any point on your turn. The first time you play a non-Logos card, that permission is used up. This includes playing a card from the Active House, if the Active House is not Logos.
  • If you play Duskwitch when Autocannon is in play Autocannon will destroy Duskwitch, and the Omega keyword will still apply. Playing Duskwitch causes Omega to trigger, and that ability will finish resolving even if the creature is destroyed immediately upon entering play.
  • Jargogle’s Destroyed: ability will fully resolve before Omega causes the step to end, allowing you to play the card underneath of Jargogle, and even allowing you to play another card via something like Wild Wormhole. If you play a creature this way, it will survive, as all creatures were already tagged for destruction by Unlocked Gateway.

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