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Several status conditions and common game effects are represented with official game components known as counters. These include +1 Power Counters, Enrage Counters, Stun Counters, and Ward Counters

Some cards may refer to counters that do not have official components to represent them. Examples include “Awakening,” “Doom,” “Fuse,” and “Growth” counters. Players can use any available resources to represent these counters, including the generic counters included in the KeyForge Starter Set. These counters have no inherent rules, instead the card that creates them provides context to how the counters function. A list of these counters can be found below.

Æmber in a player’s Æmber pool, as well as Æmber on cards in play, is tracked with Æmber tokens.

Damage tokens are placed on creatures to track the amount of damage a creature has taken. Each damage token has a numeric value of “1,” “3,” or “5.” The total value of all damage tokens on a creature determines how much damage the creature has taken.

There is no limit to the number counters or tokens that can be in the game state. If the game state requires more of a particular counter or token than is available in the common supply, any convenient substitute can be used provided both players clearly understand what the substitute represents.

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KeyForge Master Rulebook v17.2 October 2023