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Tournaments supported by the Organized Play (“OP”) program for KeyForge, sponsored by Fantasy Flight Games (“FFG”) and its international partners, follow the rules provided in this document.


A tournament is a competition between KeyForge players. After enrolling in the tournament, competitors are paired against one another in an organized fashion to play a game. After multiple games against different opponents, players are ranked according to their performance. Most tournaments conclude with the awarding of prizes to top finishers.

Tournaments are played using the rules provided in the KeyForge Rulebook and most recent FAQ, both of which may be downloaded from the KeyForge website at any time. Additional rules for playing games in a tournament are detailed in this document.

This document explains important tournament concepts and provides the details for the two main types of tournaments: Sealed tournaments and Archon tournaments. At Sealed tournaments, players open a brand new KeyForge deck at the event and are given only a few moments to look through it before they begin playing. At Archon tournaments, each player brings one of their own decks to use at the event (though they could simply purchase a deck shortly before the event).

Table of Contents

Tournament Participant Roles

Leader Participation
Unsporting Conduct

Tournament Materials

Organizer Materials
Player Materials
Regarding Player Decks
Identity Cards
Card Sleeves
Lost and Damaged Cards
Tokens and Status Cards
Legal Products

Tournament Play

Tournament Setup
Game Setup
Missed Opportunities
Taking Notes and Outside Material

Tournament Concepts

Tournament Round Times
Swiss Rounds
Progression Cut
Single Elimination Rounds
End of Game
Best-of-Three End of Game
Going to Time
Tournament Points

Tournament Structures

Basic Structure
Advanced Structure
Custom Structure

Tournament Tiers


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